Equi-Match is a premium supplement that has been fortified with many beneficial ingredients, including beta-glucan. This product has been designed for horses in competition, training, and recovery.


  • Quality Protein: derived from sources rich in lysine, an essential amino acid required for normal growth, antibody formation for controlling certain types of infections and regulation of fat metabolism. In performance horses, supplemental lysine has been shown to aid in post -exercise recovery by reducing blood lactate concentrations, lowering heart rate thereby increasing efficiency during exercise and improving fatty acid oxidation making more energy available for work.
  • Bio-available trace minerals: trace or micro-minerals are needed by the working horse to perform a variety of normal body functions. In many cases the functions of these micro-minerals are unique and in some instances are required by others in a synergistic manner.
  • Iodine: needed for normal thyroid gland function and synthesis of thyroxine, the hormone responsible for regulating metabolic rates (energy & protein), levels of oxygen utilization, amounts of glucose (blood sugar) absorbed and protein metabolism in cells.
  • Cobalt: necessary for vitamin B12 synthesis by the intestinal microflora of the hindgut. Vitamin B12 aids in the formation and regeneration of red blood cells (RBC),thus preventing anemia.
  • Copper: serves as a catalyst in the formation of hemoglobin, is required for the development of cartilage, bone, elastin and skin pigmentation.
  • Iron: necessary for hemoglobin (RBC) and myoglobin (oxygen transporting pigment of muscle tissue) formation.
  • Zinc: required by several enzyme systems that control protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, is involved in the formation of many hormones, and plays a key role in maintaining a properly functioning immune system.
  • Manganese: is essential for the utilization of carbohydrates and fats and the synthesis of chondroitin sulfate, a vital component of cartilage, as well as playing a role in normal growth and reproductive function.
  • Selenium: serves along with vitamin E as an essential component in the formation of an important antioxidant enzyme (glutathionine peroxidase), which is responsible for the removable of harmful cellular toxins.
  • Electrolytes: sodium and chloride are key electrolytes required in large amount by the performance horse, these function together to maintain normal acid base balance in the blood, efficient muscle contraction, normal osmotic pressure as well as assisting in the removal of cellular waste products.
  • Vitamins: Biotin and Vitamin E are two vitamins known to benefit the performance horse. Vitamin E a water soluble vitamin, working in concert with selenium aids in the reduction of toxins or destructive free- radicals thereby protecting cell membrane integrity. Biotin, a B- complex vitamin, plays an important role in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, it is also beneficial for hoof integrity and off- setting the detrimental effects on certain molds.
  • Yeast: certain strains of live active yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) are of benefit to the performance horse through improved fiber digestion, phosphorous absorption and improving the biological value of feed protein.
  • Digestible fats: provides essential fatty acids a key energy source and a vehicle to aid in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, all necessary for maintaining the correct energy balance of the performance horse.
  • Oligosaccharides: derived from yeast cell wall, purified key components have the ability to reduce gut pathogenic bacteria numbers and augment immune function thereby increasing resistance to infection.
  • Agrastim *(purified beta glucan) has been shown to naturally stimulate the immune system, benefits from addition of Agrastim to their diets range from increased stamina, a healthier coat, and stronger resistance to the rigors of stress as well.


Crude Protein, Min 12.00%
Crude Fat, Min 15.00%
Crude Fiber, Max 12.00%
Salt, Min 24.00%
Salt, Max 26.00%
Calcium, Min 0.40%
Copper, Min 135 ppm
Iron, Min 500 ppm
Manganese, Min 300 ppm
Zinc, Min 700 ppm
Selenium, Min 10 ppm
Vitamin E, Min 100 IU/lb


Flaxseed Meal, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Copper Sulfate, Copper Methionine Complex, Lysine, Manganous Oxide, Manganese Methionine Complex, Zinc Sulfate, Zinc Methionine Complex, Cobalt Glucoheptonate, Cobalt Sulfate, Calcium Iodate, Sodium Selenite, Vitamin E Supplement, Biotin, Agrastim, Active Dried Yeast, Soybean Oil, Mineral Oil.


Equi-Match is designed to be fed as a supplement or top-dress for horses in training, competition, or recovery. Feed 2 ounces daily (56 grams) as a top-dress only, and mix thoroughly in the grain portion of the daily ration. Do not offer Equi-Match free-choice.