Swine Products

Highest quality ingredients to provide the protein, energy, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals for peak performance.

15% Hog Mash

Nutritionally balanced complete feed containing 100% of the nutrients required for growing and finishing swine.

Show Pig Starter

A complete feed for starting pigs for exhibition. For control of swine dysentery (vibrionic dysentery, bloody scours, or hemorrhagic dysentery); control of bacterial swine ileitis susceptible to Tiamulin. ACTIVE DRUG INGREDIENT Tiamulin - 35 g/ton

Show Pig Grower

A complete feed formulated for pigs 45 to 125 lb.

Show Pig Finisher

A complete feed formulated for pigs 125 lb to show weight.

40% Concentrate

For grower and finishing pigs.

16% Sow and Pig Pellet

A complete feed for all classes of swine.

Hog & Cattle Wormer

A wormer designed for Swine and Cattle.